Screen Printing In Miami Beach

Miami Beach Florida is located right across Biscayne Bay and is home to some of the most beautiful waterfronts in the entire United States. Tens of thousands of tourists visit Miami Beach each year from not just all over the United States, but from around the World.

Miami Beach Screen Printing and Direct to Garment caters to Miami Beach businesses, schools and groups. We help these small businesses with their screen printing needs.

We print full color with very low minimums at Miami Beach Screen Printing. Digital transfer onto tees and hats is currently the hottest trend out there right now considering the options are literally endless. We offer both gloss and matte finishes and we can print on spandex, lycra, cotton, polyester, etc. Direct to Garment Digital printing offers many advantages which you don’t get from the traditional screen printing process. While our name is Miami Screen Printing, we almost exclusively do direct to garment printing at this point because we can achieve unlimited colors per design, quicker turn around times, perfect gradients and on-the-go printing for our Miami and Miami Beach clients.

The term Screen printing is what most people consider when they think of ink to clothing transfer and so we have kept the name since 95% of people identify our service this way. But in reality, they get something far better.

We know people don’t visit Miami Beach for the screenprinting or direct to garment. If you are coming here as a tourist you’re no doubt taking in the finest beaches Florida has to offer. Some of the most popular beaches in the area are Miami Beach-Mid Beach, Miami Beach-North Beach, Crandon Park Beach, Hobie Beach/Windsurfer Beach, Bill Baggs State Recreation Area, South Pointe Park, Oleta State Recreation Area and Bal Harbour Beach.

Miami Beach was originally a plantation tract for coconuts when two entrepreneurs Charles and Henry Lum and bought 160 acres of what is now Miami’s South Beach. Their little agricultural project didn’t work out unfortunately and the land passed over to John Collins, the New Jersey Quaker who planted the first grooves in Florida. Back in the nineteenth century, the area was a marshy wasteland, but these days, the cypress swamps and alligator infested waters are restricted to the Everglades national Park. Starting with the Army Corp of Engineers and then with visionaries like Carl Fischer, the thick mangroves were dredged to create what is now the South’s tropical wonder – Miami Beach.

So, if you are a Miami Beach school, small business, group or even a family or individual in need of direct to garment or screen printing, we would love to be able to help you. If you are in Miami Beach for a convention or renunion, we would love to make you custom tees or hats.

If you want your screen printing done right, do it with Mr. Miami Beach!

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So there you have it. Screen printing is designed to be printed in bulk. There are quite a few costs and timely procedures involved with the setup. This is why with screen printing, the cost per shirt goes down the more you print per design. Reference: Wiki